Consulting firm Accenture claims 'no impact' from Wednesday ransomware attack

The global IT consulting firm Accenture said it has recovered after a LockBit ransomware attack. However, Twitter users have noted the firm's data has already been leaked on the dark web. 

A CNBC reporter first broke the story on Twitter. Accenture said in a statement that they “identified irregular activity in one of our environments. We immediately contained the matter and isolated the affected servers. We fully restored our affected systems from backup. There was no impact on Accenture’s operations, or on our clients’ systems.”

Users on Twitter who have accessed LockBit’s dark website note that the group has already published data said to be sourced from Accenture. The data allegedly includes case studies, PowerPoints, and quotes, according to the CNBC reporter. However, those on LockBit’s blog note that heavy website traffic has bogged down people’s abilities to actually download the data. 

Accenture is an Irish firm that earned $44.3 billion in the 2020 fiscal year. Its clients include 90% of Fortune Global 100 companies and 75% of Fortune Global 500 companies, according to the firm’s website

Accenture is yet another victim to a string of ransomware attacks this year, what with the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack in May and JBS meatpacking company hack in June. In all, ransomware victims paid attackers a total of $81 million in crypto in 2021 alone, The Block previously reported.