Citadel founder Kenneth Griffin beat crypto group in US Constitution copy auction: report

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the winner of last night's chaotic auction for a rare copy of the U.S. Constitution, which spawned a week-long effort among a group of crypto enthusiasts to raise the millions of dollar needed to bid on it, was Citadel founder and CEO Kenneth Griffin.

Griffin's winning bid of $43.2 million was declared "record breaking" by Sotheby's on Thursday evening, beating out the representative for ConstitutionDAO, which raised more than $40 million for its own effort. The group is now in the process of moving to refund its donors.

Thursday night's auction and aftermath were notably chaotic, with the winner of the auction not immediately apparent at the time of its conclusion. 

The publication reported that Griffin intends to lend his newly-won copy of the U.S. Constitution to an art museum based in Arkansas.