Square Crypto hires 3 new team members, completing its 'inaugural developer team'

Square Crypto, the crypto initiative of payments company Square, has announced the hiring of new members to its team. The company has brought on Valentine Wallace, Jeffrey Czyz, and Arik Sosman to complete the firm's "inaugural developer team." Wallace was formerly a software engineer at Lightning Labs, the Lightning Network development startup, Czyz was a software engineer at Google, and Sosman was a software engineer, building the Calibra wallet for Facebook Libra.

According to Square Crypto, Wallace, Czyz, and Sosman will join Matt Corallo and Steve Lee to contribute to the free open-source bitcoin developer base, adding that "There’s no project we won’t consider, as long as it improves or proliferates bitcoin."

The Square Crypto initiative was first announced in March. The firm will work towards building out the inchoate bitcoin and crypto ecosystem, separately from Square's own business interests in the market.