Libra publishes roadmap laying out 4 key milestones to be met before mainnet launch

The Libra Association has published its first roadmap detailing the milestones the Calibra team plans to meet prior to the mainnet launch of Libra network.

For the first milestone, the Libra Association expects to bring on five partners deploying full nodes on the network. By the launch of the Libra mainnet at milestone four, the Libra Association expects 100 partners to run Libra nodes.

According to the Libra Association, "one method we use for tracking the project's success is how many of the deployed nodes are managed by different partners." The Libra Association notes that each Libra node will "run on a mixture of on-premises and cloud hosted infrastructure" adding that "wider diversity of infrastructure will provide more resiliency to the Libra network."

To prepare for the mainnet launch, the Libra Association has created an environment called Pre-Mainnnet. Pre-Mainnet is a testing environment only available for a handful of Libra partners who have already deployed full Libra nodes. The environment will enable partner nodes to communicate with one another and test the stability of the Libra network.