Video: iExec Solves the Blockchain Application Scalability Problem with V4 Upgrade

Watch the iExec V4 launch video!

iExec is the decentralized marketplace for cloud computing resources where users can monetize their computing power, applications, and datasets. Today, iExec released its fourth product version: iExec V4, solving the scalability problem of blockchain applications and introducing transactions with zero fees. 

iExec V4: Easier, Cheaper, Faster and More Powerful Cloud Computing

  • iExec has integrated GPU computing to its marketplace. This is required for fields such as deep learning, that have extremely heavy computing requirements.

  • Thanks to the new iExec Sidechain, computing resources can now be freely traded with zero gas fees and less latency.

A New UX to Onboard Partners Like Genesis Cloud and EDF

  • Genesis Cloud has been onboarded by iExec as a new cloud computing provider, providing GPU Computing.

  • EDF, the 5th largest utility company worldwide, will access the GPUs from Genesis Cloud, through iExec, to run its compute-intensive simulators.

  • The new version brings a new and improved User Interface and UX, partnering with the likes of Portis Wallet and Moonpay for simple fiat and crypto on-ramps.

Watch the iExec V4 launch video! More iExec news and updates to follow within the coming weeks!