Two firms team up to facilitate buying of bitcoin and ether via Telegram

Fiat gateway infrastructure provider Simplex has partnered with cryptocurrency wallet provider Broxus to facilitate buying of bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) directly via Telegram.

The service is based on Telegram bot @broxusbot, Simplex told The Block, adding that users can purchase the two cryptocurrencies with a regular bank card via the bot.

Users are then routed to checkout with Simplex, who takes care of the authorization, payment processing and delivery of cryptocurrencies, said the firm, which is one of Binance's fiat gateway partners. 

"To achieve our mission of enhancing crypto adoption and usability, we are working constantly to be present on any platform that users can engage and use crypto on. The Broxus bot enables the masses of Telegram users with great user experience, coupled with the simplex secure and global fiat infrastructure for the crypto world," Nimrod Lehavi, founder and CEO of Simplex, told The Block.

Broxus is backed by TON Ventures, a representative of the firm told The Block, adding: "Mission of Broxus Bot is to make cryptocurrency a commodity."

Both Simplex and Broxus declined to share details on how many users have opted for the service and how much has been transacted in both BTC and ETH so far.

Button Wallet also currently offers buying of crypto via Telegram. On the competitive edge, the Broxus representative said: “We have significantly better UI, convenient inline mode, invoices and vouchers, instant transfers, native support of GRAM and many other customer-oriented features.”