Two more bitcoin developers receive grants from Square Crypto

Square Crypto, the payment firm’s bitcoin development initiative, has awarded new grants. 

Announcing the news on Wednesday, Square Crypto said bitcoin developers Jon Atack and Tankred Hase are receiving grants. It did not disclose the sum involved.

Atack is a bitcoin core contributor and protocol researcher, according to his GitHub profile, while Hase is a Germany-based software engineer, according to his personal website

Square Crypto said Atack has been doing bitcoin core development work for almost a year. As for Hase, it said he is a UX-focused bitcoin developer, whose plans include “simplifying self-custody of smaller amounts of bitcoin, creating a public key server that makes it possible to text sats.”

Previously, Square Crypto has provided grants to pseudonymous bitcoin Lightning Network developer “ZmnSCPxj” and a $100,000 grant to the BTCPay Foundation, the non-profit organization behind BTCPayer Server. 

Last month, Square Crypto also unveiled its first product - Lightning Development Kit - to help developers integrate the Lightning Network with their bitcoin wallet applications.

Correction: This report has been corrected in order to reflect that Square Crypto unveiled its Lightning Development Kit last month. It has yet to be officially launched.