LMAX Digital technology proves resilient in the face of spiking volatility

Built on robust, proven LMAX Group fiat FX trading technology (which processes over 1 billion orders per day) the recent surge in crypto trading was handled smoothly, reliably and precisely, allowing LMAX Digital clients to safely implement their trading strategies.

Institutional trading strategies demand low latency, efficient price discovery, deep liquidity and precise trade execution, all of which are met and exceeded by LMAX Digital via:

  • Central limit order book
  • Streaming, firm institutional liquidity only
  • Ultra-low latency, precise, consistent execution
  • Full custodian solution with secure offline hardware, multi-sig. cold wallets/vault storage

LMAX Digital: The secure, liquid, trusted Institutional solution for physical trading and custodial services of the most liquid crypto currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP. Learn more. Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.