Ethereum projects have received nearly $25 million in grant money to date

More than 150 Ethereum projects have received nearly $25 million in total grant money to date.

The Ethereum Foundation is the biggest donor, awarding over $21 million of the total amount, according to a study by The Block’s Steven Zheng. The foundation is followed by the Ethereum Community Fund, Aragon Foundation, ConsenSys and Protocol Labs.

The Ethereum Foundation leads the pack not only in terms of the total dollar value of grants, but also in terms of the number of grants. The foundation has given out a total of 94 grants to date.

Projects that have received the highest amount of grant funding to date are Parity Technologies, Starkware, Prysmatic Labs, L4 Research, and Status. The most funded category is Ethereum scaling initiatives, including  as ETH 2.0 or ETH 1.x.

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