BitMEX parent offers $100K grant to Bitcoin Core researcher Gleb Naumenko

HDR Global Trading Limited, the operator of cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX, has awarded $100,000 to Bitcoin Core contributor and researcher Gleb Naumenko.

Naumenko told The Block that the grant would be distributed monthly over a year, so it is more like a "stable income.”

Naumenko has been working on Bitcoin Core technologies since 2017, with a primary focus on security, privacy, and scalability. He recently worked for Chaincode Labs, a research and development group for bitcoin and related technologies.

Naumenko told The Block that his recent “big” projects have been “Asmap” and “time-dilation attacks on the Lightning Network." He is planning to continue focusing on bitcoin’s security and privacy, as well as protocols on top of the bitcoin network.

Today’s offer is HDR’s second bitcoin developer grant. In March, the company provided $100,000 to Bitcoin Core maintainer Michael Ford. HDR also donated to the MIT Digital Currency Initiative in 2019 to assist the work of developers there, especially Bitcoin Core developers Wladimir van der Laan and Cory Fields.