2017 Parity wallet hacker begins moving ETH

After over three years of inactivity, an address associated with one of the largest hacks on Ethereum has begun to move ETH. In 2017, Parity lost over 150,000ETH (roughly $30M at the time of the hack) to a hacker who exploited a vulnerability in its multi-sig software wallet. At that time, it was the second-largest hack on Ethereum. The hacker then distributed 70,000 ETH evenly across seven wallets, one of which began to convert roughly 300 ETH to renBTC on December 27, 2020.

Address 0x4de76b3dfd38292ba71cf2465ca3a1d526dcb567 still holds 9,229ETH and has not made any moves since December 27. None of the other addresses associated with the Parity hack have moved their ETH.