Atlas to Accelerate its Global Expansion Sees Positive Growth Outlook for BTC Mining Industry Beyond 2022

SINGAPORE, Jan 18, 2022 -- Atlas Technology Management Pte. Ltd (Atlas) theSingapore headquartered technology group and one of the world’s largest companies application specific computing has said in its year end note that it expects aggressive growth from its bitcoin mining operations in 2022 and that it sees an abundance of opportunities to expand its services in the face of a Web 3.0 future. 

“Atlas is looking to roar into the Year of the Tiger on the back of a successful and transformative 2021. Despite some headwinds and the persistent uncertainty withtheCOVID pandemic, the investments and partnerships that were made over the past 12months have, in our minds, uniquely positioned us to seize on opportunities in 2022for unprecedented growth.” 

Built for growth 

Atlas has full confidence in the long-term growth of the high-performance and application specific computing market. Based on this long-term view, Atlas has designed an aggressive investment strategy across facilities, hardware, and people. 

To date, Atlas is operating across multiple countries and regions. Quarterbacks from Singapore, it has built a distributed computing network with operation and management teams in North America, Central Asia (Commonwealth of independent states), and northern Europe. 

Atlas has planned to further accelerate its expansion to other regions and markets to be truly a global enterprise. “We are immensely proud of the impact that our operations are having on the communities that we are located. We have catalyzed conversations with the public and private sectors for further investment in alternative energy production and infrastructure. And we have hired exceptional talent, and continue to offer local job opportunities in these communities.” 

The backbone of Atlas’ success is the secure supply chain of hardware and understanding of its inventory life cycle to keep its fleet optimized. By 2021, Atlas purchased more than 300,000 ASIC computing servers which will allow it to continue to increase its computershare within the BTC network.

This is not the extent of Atlas’ growth, as it pursues plans to acquire more servers over the next two years, as the demand for ASICs and distributed computing services intensifies. As a major player in the server supply chain, Atlas has close relationships with server manufacturers and suppliers, and plans further investment into the supply chain. 

Sustainable future 

Over the course of 2021 much was spoken about the impact that bitcoin and bitcoin mining are having on the environment. Whilst some of these myths have largely been debunked, there remain bad actors that try to take advantage of opportunities. Atlas believes it has a responsibility to lead the industry towards a more sustainable and positive future, and to be an ESG compliant company. 

Atlas has been steadily increasing the usage of green energy to power our global computing network and continue to explore alternatives and new technologies to increase the ratio of green energy in our overall energy consumption mix. 

Its acceptance into the Blockchain Mining Council in late 2021, was a strong endorsement from our peers of the influence that we hold. With Texas as its home for US-based operations, the company has established a fruitful relationship with the Texas BlockchainAssociat