Court grants 'expedited discovery' on Bittrex

Quick Take

  • ZG Top Technology Co. Ltd, v. John Doe, 2019
  • The Court says it will allow ZG Top to seek “expedited discovery” from Bittrex, including “the name, street address, telephone number and e-mail address of John Doe.”
  • Bittrex will be required to give the affected user a copy of the subpoena and they will have 30 days from service to object

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[related id=1]ZG Top Technology Co. Ltd, v. John Doe, 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 29616 (D. W.D.Wash., C19–92-RAJ, 2/25/2019) [SDP]

Way back in January we covered ZG Top Technology v. John Doe, a case that involves a Mongolian Blockchain company that says its purloined cryptocurrency is being held by the Bittrex exchange. John Doe lawsuits provide a way to sue people who you don’t know and then use litigation tools to find ’em and then hopefully get your stuff back. A month later, we have our first ruling in the case, which addresses precisely this — an “ex parte” motion to do immediate discovery.

What does ex parte mean? In plain English it means that the other side doesn’t have a chance to respond. Kinda makes sense in a John Doe lawsuit, right? After all, it’s hard to notify an unknown person that you want to do discovery to find out who they are.

Usually in U.S. federal courts you’re not allowed to do discovery until you have “conferred” with the other litigants. It’s an organizational thing imposed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, but there are cases when a Court will allow exceptions and one is (like here) “for the limited purpose of identifying ‘Doe’ defendants on whom process cannot otherwise be served.”

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