Everlens - Instagram NFT Marketplace Eyeing TikTok Expansion

After successfully launching its premier NFT marketplace for Instagram earlier this year, Everlens is proud to provide a market update highlighting the strong growth of its NFT platform and outlining some of the exciting upcoming milestones! 

About Everlens: 

The Everlens marketplace aims to be the go-to NFT platform for social media and crypto native users to mint, buy, sell and showcase their NFTs. From exclusive content to digital art, perpetual royalties, transferable VIP access, and more, NFTs allow communities to bond and create real-world value in previously unimaginable ways. 

Instagrammers are welcoming the Everlens NFT marketplace

Nearly two months into launch, our team is humbled by the positive feedback we are receiving from our ever-growing Instagram NFT community on the Everlens platform. Our socials are trending accordingly, and we are seeing a significant inflow of big influencer accounts onboarding onto our marketplace. From minting to selling NFTs, the platform is -increasingly- seeing healthy traction of new NFT buyers and sellers. 

With these relevant metrics pointing in the right direction, Everlens aims to bolster this momentum and is glad to share it has secured various high-profile celebrity artists and athletes to join the Everlens NFT community very shortly.

V2 marketplace in full development 

Our developers are working diligently towards delivering the next major platform upgrade, which will feature three major developments;

  • Our evolved marketplace will feature both Everlens Social NFT and Everlens NFT. Everlens Social NFT will exclusively focus on third-party social network integration, while Everlens NFT will target the more traditional NFT user aiming to create standalone NFT collections.
  • A credit card payment method will be implemented in our V2 marketplace. This additional payment implementation significantly lowers the barriers to entry for non-crypto native users and will undoubtedly facilitate spending on our platform.
  • Everlens Social NFT boosts its addressable market significantly with the implementation of social network giant TikTok. Similar to our Instagram integration, TikTokers will be able to easily turn their posts into marketable NFTs in a few simple clicks.

TikTok - Expanding on our first-mover advantage

After initial success with our Instagram first NFT platform, TikTok integration is the next logical step! We are very excited to welcome 1.2 billion TikTokers to join the NFT revolution with us. 

Our strategic move to integrate Instagram and capitalize on the existing strength of influential celebrities and content creators on the network has already proven essential to fuel our daily growth as a marketplace. At Everlens, we see a tremendous opportunity to keep building upon that strategy with our upcoming TikTok integration!

At the core, Everlens believes that the winning NFT platform will not only need to provide a seamless user experience but also be omnipresent across major social networks. Both TikTok and Instagram capture the 'zeitgeist' of a generation, and we strongly believe that NFT, digital property, and decentralization encompass the evolution of that zeitgeist. Everlens aims to lead the way in that transition!

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