OpenSea aims to automatically index Solana NFTs

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  • OpenSea announced that it will automatically index and list Solana-based NFT collections.
  • Collections will be listed automatically on the marketplace so long as they meet a few criteria.

NFT marketplace OpenSea said it would automatically index NFT collections created on the Solana blockchain, making it easier for Solana-focused creators to list on the platform.

According to OpenSea, Solana-focused NFT creators will no longer need to apply to list their collections as those will automatically get indexed based on a few criteria. The first criterion is that NFT collections created with launchpads like Metaplex's CandyMachine, Magic Eden and LaunchMyNft will be auto-indexed.

Secondly, creators who don't rely on launchpads can expect their NFTs to automatically be supported on OpenSea’s market automatically if the collection uses a coding standard called “Metaplex Certified Collection.” That open standard aims to make it easier to identify whether certain NFTs belong to a specific collection, according to OpenSea.

"This is another step on the journey towards an open ecosystem where you can work on your project and launch permissionlessly and non-custodially," OpenSea said in its announcement.

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The auto-indexing feature on OpenSea comes amid a surge in NFT activity on Solana, which OpenSea aims to capitalize on. NFT mints on Solana have soared nearly 500% year-to-date, going from 23,000 daily mints to about 113,0000 mints as on 23 September, according to data from The Block. 

While OpenSea dominates the NFT niche on Ethereum, it is relatively still a smaller player on Solana. The Block's data shows that NFT trading volume on Solana is dominated by marketplaces like Magic Eden, Yawww, and Solanart. 

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