Aptos and Google Cloud unveil partnership, plan for accelerator program

Quick Take

  • Crypto startup Aptos has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud.
  • The news comes as Google deepens its footprint in the web3 world with a number of crypto projects.

Layer 1 blockchain startup Aptos said it has partnered with Google Cloud in a move that will see the search giant power some of its validator nodes, among other services. 

Speaking at a panel at Token2049 in London, Aptos co-founder and CEO Mo Shaikh outlined the details of the tie-up alongside Simon Baksys, the go-to-market and business development lead for Google's web3 division.

"I think the first time a web2 and a web3 company has come together in such a meaningful way," Shaikh said.

Google Cloud will validate nodes and participate on the Aptos mainnet, Shaikh said. The Aptos blockchain will also be indexed and made available on Google Cloud's BigQuery service. 

The partnership aims to encourage new talent, with Google and the Aptos Foundation set to launch an accelerator program as well as co-host a hackathon next year. The Aptos blockchain is already known for attracting Solana developers who had become tired of "eating glass" on Solana and were looking for a more intuitive way to program decentralized applications.

"It should really be interesting to see those two worlds collide and those projects that will be interested in using both Google tools as well as Aptos tools to produce something really cool," Baksys said. "We'll definitely be continuing our quote unquote world tour and engaging with the community together."

What's is Aptos?

Aptos, a new blockchain co-founded by Shaikh and Avery Ching, both of whom previously worked on Meta’s Diem project.