Donald Trump NFT collection sells out within hours

Quick Take

  • Donald Trump’s NFT trading card collection sold out within hours of its introduction. 
  • One holder with 1,000 cards in a wallet received an airdrop before the public sale, OpenSea figures show. 

A 45,000 item NFT trading card collection created by the former U.S. president Donald Trump sold out within hours and has already racked up more than 648 ETH, or about $785,000, in trading volume, according to OpenSea data. 

The public sale commenced Thursday night following a teaser of a "major announcement" and an unveiling on Trump's Truth Social account. The initial mint price was set at $99. Buying an NFT automatically entered the purchaser into a sweepstake, with prizes including a group cocktail party at Mar-A-Lago, a dinner in Miami or a golfing trip with the former president, or a group Zoom call. 

Buying 45 or more NFTs would "guarantee" purchasers an invite to a gala dinner