Inside Sky Mavis's strategy to help build multi-billion dollar games on Ronin

Episode 34 of Season 5 of The Scoop was recorded with The Block's Frank Chaparro and Sky Mavis Co-Founder & Growth Head Jeffrey Zirlin.

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Jeffrey Zirlin is Co-Founder & Growth Lead at Sky Mavis — the studio behind the popular blockchain game, Axie Infinity.

In this episode, Zirlin explains why the first wave of game studios building on Ethereum's Ronin sidechain have easy access to a "golden cohort" of initial users, and how a recent network upgrade puts Ronin's destiny in the hands of gamers worldwide. 

During this episode, Chaparro and Zirlin also discuss:

  • Web3 gaming and the Metaverse
  • Blockchain as a medium
  • Mobile gaming in the developing world

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