Google Cloud steps up as oracle provider on LayerZero network

Quick Take

  • Google Cloud is now an oracle provider on the LayerZero network.
  • Within LayerZero, oracles transfer message data between chains.

The cloud division at Google recently assumed its role as a verifier on the cross-chain messaging protocol LayerZero network.

The firm stated its "oracle," or verifier system, would be available to all LayerZero applications.

"Google Cloud's participation as an oracle on the LayerZero network offers more options for users to select an oracle to relay messages from one chain to another," a Google Cloud spokesperson The Block.

Within LayerZero's architecture, performing the job of an oracle involves transferring a portion of the message data from one chain and storing it in another. Each oracle on LayerZero is a unique network that checks and approves cross-chain messages. Oracle providers get paid for their services.

With the addition of Google Cloud, users of LayerZero will continue to have the option to select which oracles they want to rely on in the LayerZero network, whether that's Google Cloud or another provider.

"The more validators (or in this case oracles) the more options use