StarkWare unveils new ZKThreads framework in its ‘fractal scaling’ arsenal

Quick Take

  • StarkWare has introduced a new scaling framework based on ZK execution sharding called ZKThreads.
  • It is designed to tackle fragmentation issues by providing a standardized development environment that supports provable applications.
  • ZKThreads will be particularly beneficial for high-performance dapps such as on-chain games and DEXs on Starknet.

Layer 2 developer StarkWare, along with Cartridge, has introduced a new scaling framework called ZKThreads to improve the scalability of decentralized applications on Layer 2 Starknet through execution sharding enabled with zero knowledge proofs.

This builds on the fractal scaling vision that StarkWare introduced in 2021.

ZKThreads will be used to broaden Starknet’s array of “fractal-scaling” solutions, offering an alternative to the existing ZK coprocessors that function in a similar manner, StarkWare told The Block.

As such, existing coprocessors, despite being effective, often operate independently, which leads to fragmented liquidity and reduced interoperability among