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Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

Some states provide residents with the right to opt out of the "selling" or "sharing" of their personal information, or of "targeted advertising" based on their personal information. The California Privacy Rights Act and other state privacy laws may interpret the sharing of your data in certain circumstances as a sale giving you the right to opt out. You can learn more about these rights by visiting our Privacy Policy.

To opt out of the "sharing" of your cookie-related personal information for targeted advertising, please click the "green cookie" icon at the bottom-left of this page. You will be prompted to confirm your choice via a browser pop-up. Please note, you must exercise your preferences as to cookies on each of our websites you visit, from each browser you use, and on each device that you use. If you reset your cookies, be sure to reset your preferences.

To opt out of what may be deemed the "sale" of your personal information for interest-based advertising (e.g., name and email address), please submit your request by clicking the button below. Note that after you opt out, we will continue to share your personal information with non-advertising-based service providers as described in our Privacy Policy, and you will still see some non-targeted advertisements as you use our website.

We have also summarized additional steps you can take to opt out of having your online activity and device data collected by third parties in our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

By clicking the button below and submitting your request by email, you affirm that the information you provide is accurate. Please note that by opting out of these types of disclosures, you may limit our ability to customize your experience with content that may be of interest to you.


Request Do Not Sell or Share