$312 million in Mt Gox crypto allegedly sold by trustee through BitPoint

Goxdox, an advocacy website for the creditors of now-bankrupt exchange Mt Gox, published leaked bank documents Tuesday which appear to show that $312 million worth of their bitcoin was sold on Japanese exchange BitPoint, Coindesk reports.

The payments allegedly show billions of Japanese yen moving last year from BitPoint into the bank account of Mt Gox trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi. Goxdox concluded that Kobayashi likely hired BitPoint to sell the Mt Gox Estate’s crypto on the open market.

The CEO of crypto exchange Kraken Jesse Powell, hired to help recover the coins stolen from Mt Gox after a 2014 hack, says the trustee ignored his advice not to sell and had not shared his intentions. He urged creditors to “demand details on BitPoint’s selling methods.”