The fields are alive with the sound of blockchain

What do you get when you link a bunch of satellite-connected micro sensors to groundwater and then beam that data to an IBM blockchain? I don't know, but it's "accurately monitor[ing] and track[ing] groundwater use in one of the largest and at risk aquifers in North America."

A project by the Freshwater Trust, IBM Research, and sensor builder Sweetsense aims to maintain groundwater aquifers by beaming and recording data on water use to a blockchain-based system. As you would expect, the blockchain is used primarily to ensure nobody fiddles with the data.

"The sensors will transmit water extraction data to orbiting satellites and then to the IBM Blockchain Platform hosted in the IBM Cloud. The blockchain will record of all data exchanges or transactions made in an append-only, immutable ledger. The blockchain also uses smart contracts, whereby transactions are automatically executed when the conditions are matched," wrote IBM in a release.

"Through a web-based dashboard, water consumers, including farmers; financiers and regulators will all be able