Crypto-asset broker startup Voyager goes public through a $60 million reverse merger

Cryptocurrency brokerage startup Voyager has announced going public on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada, CoinDesk reports. The company will begin trading on Feb. 11 through a reverse merger with an inactive mineral exploration firm, valued at $60 million.

“This is a crucial step for our growing company as we now have a solid capital base with which to grow, expand and continually improve our offering for investors,” said Voyager co-founder and CEO Stephen Ehrlich. He added that the move will bring a sense of transparency to the startup’s clients, as the company will now be required to make periodic disclosures of their financials to the Canadian securities regulators.

While Voyager’s plans to go live in Q4 had to be postponed, the firm’s CMO Steve Capone claims their waiting list is already in “the six figures”. In order to make early sign-ups attractive, Voyager has decided to offer $15 in bitcoin for initial retail customers. The platform's launch is planned later this month.