Survey: Cryptocurrencies make Americans feel uncertain and confused

Clovr, a startup focused on promoting blockchain adoption, conducted a survey of over 1000 participants to gauge how Americans feel about cryptocurrency. The survey was separated into five categories: general knowledge, market sentiment, reason for investing, traits of investors, and demographics. The results from respondents are as follows:

General knowledge:

  • 76% know what cryptocurrency is.
  • 62% feel comfortable explaining cryptocurrency to someone else.

Market sentiment:

  • 69.8% associate uncertainty with cryptocurrency.
  • 32.9% associate confusion with cryptocurrency.
  • 31.5% associate excitement with cryptocurrency.

Reason for investing:

  • The top reason why investors invest in cryptocurrency is "possibility of huge return on investment."
  • The top reason why investors don't invest cryptocurrency is "it's too risky."

Traits of investors:

  • The top trait associated with people who have invested in cryptocurrency is "risk-taking."
  • The top trait associated with people who have not invested in cryptocurrency is "plays it safe."


  • 66% have invested in cryptocurrency.
  • 23% of women have invested in cryptocurrency.
  • 43% of men have invested in cryptocurrency.

(Source: Clovr)