A wild ICO solution appeared on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform

Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform, is getting its own ICO solution through Stratis, a turnkey ICO platform that offers KYC, custom branding, and multiple currency support.

Things might be amiss, however. The MarketPlace listing is live but when you try to click through the tool isn't available in the Azure market. Perhaps this ICO solution, like so many ICOs, is simply a happy accident.

Obviously this is a (potentially) deployable tool available via Azure and not an officially-sanctioned Microsoft project - it wouldn't be surprising if Microsoft actually pulled it already - but it's an interesting move. Given the ease of deploying a single-click solution like this one it's easy to see how someone would try to get this onto Azure or any other cloud marketplace. That said, given the unpopularity of ICOs these days, the days of Stratis' tool might be numbered.

Photo by Alex Machado on Unsplash