U.S. government returns a portion of Bitfinex's stolen bitcoins

In August 2016, 119,756 BTC was stolen from Bitfinex due to a security breach. Now, Bitfinex reports, the U.S. government has returned 27.663 bitcoins—a small portion (0.02%) of the stolen tokens—following a successful investigation of the U.S. and international law enforcements aided by the company. The funds have already been distributed to Recovery Right Token (RRT) holders.

“Over two years following the hack of the Bitfinex platform, today we see the results of a clear and robust response strategy and the efforts of the U.S. government,” Giancarlo Devasini, Chief Financial Officer at Bitfinex, wrote. “It gives us great pleasure to be able to reimburse our traders that were loyal to us and believed in us at a very difficult time.”

Devasini extended an invitation to anyone who had any information regarding the attack to share it so that the company could “finally resolve the situation in a mutually beneficial manner.”