Crypto apps soar in popularity after Super Bowl splurge

Crypto apps shot up App Store download charts in the US on Monday morning, after a Super Bowl studded with digital assets advertising. 

Super Bowl LVI's face-off between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams also saw two of the biggest crypto exchanges, FTX and Coinbase, compete for eye-balls

Data tracked by The Block Research shows that Coinbase's app surged from 186th place to second on the App Store.

The Block Research app chart

Coinbase's ad prompted a rush of downloads.

FTX-owned Blockfolio and eToro, the investment app, also shot up the rankings after running ads during the big game. 

Coinbase's minute-long ad featured a QR code bouncing across the screen, and invited viewers to participate in a large giveaway, with over $100 million in incentives for the crypto community expected this year. 

Coinbase's website briefly experienced issues soon after the ad aired. 

FTX's ad featured comedian Larry David. The two-minute video shows David rejecting some of history's greatest inventions — from the wheel, to a fork, to a toilet. He is ultimately introduced to the FTX app and says: "I don't think so. And I'm never wrong about this stuff."  

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