ETH donations to Ukraine's government spike after 'airdrop' announcement

Ukraine's official Twitter account teased an "airdrop" Thursday morning, and though details remain sparse about the initiative, the announcement appears to have triggered a fresh influx of donations.

As shown in a pair of Dune Analytics dashboards tracking the accumulation of ETH to the government's coffers, the amount jumped in the early hours of March 2 -- coinciding with Ukraine's post on the matter.

“Airdrop confirmed,” Ukraine’s official Twitter account posted today. “Snapshot will be taken tomorrow, on March 3rd, at 6pm Kyiv time. Reward to follow!”

Source: Michael Silberling/Dune Analytics Dashboard

More than $11 million worth of ETH has been donated to the government's address thus far, as well as nearly $10 million worth of BTC. Donations have also been collected in the form of TRX, DOT and other digital assets.