Three plead guilty to crypto-related wire fraud in New Hampshire

Andrew Spinella and Renee Spinella of Derry, New Hampshire, and Nobody (formerly Richard Paul) of Keene, New Hampshire have pleaded guilty to wire fraud involving the use of cryptocurrencies.

As a release from the Department of Justice states, Andrew Spinella, Renee Spinella and Nobody allegedly opened fraudulent bank accounts to allow another defendant in this case, Ian Freeman, to trade crypto. 

Andrew Spinella opened a personal account, while Renee Spinella and Nobody both opened business accounts in the name of the “Crypto Church of NH” and “Church of the Invisible Hand” respectively. 

“By using fraudulent means to mislead banks about the true purpose of these bank accounts, the defendants assisted in the operation of an unlawful virtual currency business,” said U.S. Attorney Farley in the DOJ statement. 

Andrew Spinella, Renee Spinella, Nobody and three others were charged in March of 2021 for facilitating the operation of an illicit cryptocurrency-based money transmission business accruing over $10 million in fees, The Block previously reported

The Spinellas and Nobody are to be sentenced in July of 2022 while the other defendants go to sentencing in November of this year.