Fort Worth, Texas to vote on whether to become a bitcoin miner

Fort Worth, Texas might soon become a small-scale bitcoin miner.

On Tuesday, the city council will vote on a resolution to accept a donation of three mining machines from a pro-industry group and put them to use as part of a pilot mining project.

“City Council desires for the City to be a local government sector leader and jurisdiction of choice in the Industry by welcoming and encouraging the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology companies in Fort Worth,” reads the resolution, which would also declare the city to be "crypto-friendly."

Valued at a total of $2,100, the machines are a gift from the nonprofit Texas Blockchain Council. The donation is contingent on the machines’ continued use. The resolution stipulates that “if the city permanently terminates its use of the machines for mining Bitcoin” then they would have to be returned. 

If adopted, the pilot program will be revisited after the first six months, according to the resolution.

Following the city council meeting on Tuesday morning, the mayor of Fort Worth, Mattie Parker, is scheduled to join a Twitter Spaces session titled "Fort Worth Mayor and Bitcoin Mining" at 3:45 PM ET.