Apple holds internal high-level presentation on AR-VR headset: Bloomberg

Apple could be months away from launching a headset that combines VR and AR, after presenting a version of the device to its board last week, according to Bloomberg.

Unnamed sources told the publication that the tech giant has also been developing an operating system (dubbed rOS) to go with the mixed reality headset. 

Per Bloomberg, the company wants to unveil the headset as early as the end of this year or sometime next year and get it to consumers in 2023. 

The device features processors "on par with those in Apple’s latest Macs" and "ultra-high-resolution screens."

Additionally, Apple is working on a separate product that will feature only augmented reality, as opposed to the headset that features both that and virtual reality. The AR glasses are expected to be released sometime later this decade.

Apple seems to be closer to moving products to market geared toward virtual world applications. Other major players in AR and VR include Meta, formerly known as Facebook, which announced last month it will be opening a physical store to sell hardware products for the metaverse.