Bitcoin mining stock report: Monday, June 6

The trading week started off with a mix of Bitcoin companies posting recoveries and others seeing their stocks continue to drop.

Notably, TeraWulf's stock went down by -15.19% and, on the opposite end, Northern Data's rose by +7.91%.

Hut 8 announced with its May operations update that it had mined 309 BTC and decided to hold on to all self-mined bitcoin, keeping with its long-term HODL strategy.

Hive also released a statement about last month's operations stating that it had grown its hash rate capacity by 8%. In May, Hive mined 273.4 BTC and 2,694 ETH.

On Monday Hut 8's stock was down by -3.46% on the Toronto Stock exchange and -4.33% on Nasdaq. Hive's stock was also down by -2.06% and -2.36% on each, respectively.

Here's how crypto mining companies performed on Monday, June 6:

Data compiled by The Block