The New York Times is exploring blockchain-enabled publishing

The New York Times is exploring blockchain technology, according to a job listing.

According to the listing, The New York Times, one of the largest U.S. publications by circulation, is looking to hire someone to lead its blockchain exploration efforts. This individual will "help envision and design a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers." For this 12-month temporary position, the blockchain lead will also "codify the vision for the project," "develop a succinct description of the problem space we’re focused on," and "develop a roster of advisors from news organizations, academia, and social media companies."

The Times isn't the first major media firm exploring a way to integrate blockchain technology into its publication process. Back in October, Forbes announced it was working with Civil, a blockchain marketplace for journalism, to upload some of its content onto the Civil network. 

Update: At the time of publication the job listing has been removed from The New York Times' career page.