Returns of projects launched on Launchpad remain strong but start seeing some exhaustion

There have been three projects that launched on Binance Launchpad to date -  BitTorrent, Fetch.AI and most recently Celer. All of the projects sold 6% of their supply while the hard cap as well as the individual cap saw a decrease with time. The sale of BitTorrent allowed an individual cap of $20,000 while Fetch.AI and Celer slashed that significantly to $3,000 and $1,500 respectively.

Binance Launchpad remains attractive for investors as the average return (in terms of USD) at the time of publication is still over 300%. In terms of BNB, the average return is still about 150%. It's worth noting that returns have seen a decline in the last week though. Binance capitalizes on creating more demand than available supply, which causes FOMO and drives up prices. Until the returns aren't as attractive as they have been, the trend of the so-called Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) is unlikely to go away.