Crypto community members voice concerns at San Francisco Blockchain Week

CoinDesk summed up the ongoing concerns voiced by crypto industry veterans at this year's San Francisco Blockchain Week. Many projects and companies in the space are preparing for a period of slow growth due to the ongoing bear market. Entrepreneurs like MyCrypto wallet startup CEO Taylor Monahan are more cautious about hiring and fundraising for their companies. Regulation is top of mind as well, as many feel uneasy about the unclear laws and rules in crypto and blockchain.

For the Ethereum community, many are trying to scale their blockchain to support the influx of projects that launched on the network last year. Ethereum core developers are trying to figure out sharding solutions and the governance and technical complexities that sharding brings with it.

On a positive note, due to the hype cycle last year, there is now a growing inflow of talented developers and operators leaving their corporate jobs to join the crypto industry. (Source: CoinDesk)