TrustToken partners up with Cred to offer up to 8 per cent annual interest on stablecoin holdings

TrustToken—the creator of TrueUSD stablecoin—has teamed up with crypto lending startup Cred to provide TUSD owners with a chance to earn interest on their assets, TrustToken announced in a press release. TUSD holders using the CredEarn platform will be able to earn up to 8 per cent annual interest on their holdings. According to TrustToken, there is no minimum investment amount or fees to participate.

“Over the last year, we’ve been focused on building the bridge between traditional finance and the digital asset ecosystem, with TrueUSD as the first proof of concept,” said Tory Reiss, Co-Founder and Head of Product and Business Development for TrustToken. “As we move into our second year of operation, our goal is to provide more valuable opportunities to utilize these assets. We’re happy to be advancing this mission together with the Cred team!”

TUSD holders who want to earn interest on their TUSD holding need to send their funds to the CredEarn wallet. After committing their funds for a 6-month period, they’ll get the interest pay-out quarterly. Cred’s custody partners include Uphold, Bittrex Enterprise, and Ledger.