Facebook's blockchain team is "fast-growing," and now it needs marketers to push its future products

Facebook, the social media behemoth, appears to be getting very serious about breaking into the blockchain market, at least that's what a batch of 22 job ads on its career portal suggest. 

The recently posted ads, which were first spotted by The Block CEO Mike Dudas on Twitter, include positions for a growth product manager, data scientist, and community media & web manager. 

It's not clear exactly what Facebook has in store for the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. Bloomberg News reported that the firm was developing a stablecoin for its WhatsApp users. Then, the New York Times reported that the firm was in conversations with cryptocurrency exchanges about listing a coin for trading. Facebook has yet to reveal information about its strategy and potential products in blockchain. 

Still, the job ads provide some insights into the team, including the fact that it is a startup within Facebook and that it is exploring opportunities in healthcare, financial services, and information.

"At Facebook, we have established a new team exploring different ways to leverage blockchain technology to improve the lives of people around the world," the company said. 

"It's a small, fast-growing, and talented group of people and our experienced leadership team is comprised of some of the best professionals in their respective fields. The blockchain team is a startup within Facebook and we're exploring lots of areas of interest across all facets of blockchain technology."

To that end, the firm needs "amazing marketers," the job ad for a growth marketer notes. The candidate for that position would potentially build a community around its blockchain business.