SEC agrees aircraft charter startup TurnKey Jet's tokens are not securities

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Corporation Finance is issuing a response to a no-action request from TurnKey Jet, indicating that it will not recommend enforcement action against the firm.

TurnKey Jet is an aircraft charter service based in the U.S. The firm previously developed TKJ tokens for its platform. For TurnKey Jet's tokens to stay under regulatory compliance, the following conditions have to be met:

  • TKJ will not be used to develop the TKJ platform, network, or app
  • The TKJ platform, network, or app will be developed prior to the sale of the TKJ token
  • TJK tokens will be immediately usable when they are sold
  • The transferring of TKJ tokens is restricted to the TKJ platform
  • TKJ will sell its tokens at a price of 1 USD, and "each token will represent a TKJ obligation to supply air charter services at a value of one USD per token"
  • If TKJ repurchases the tokens, they can only do so below face value
  • TKJ tokens are marketed to emphasize utility, not its potential to increase in market value