GM, BMW looking to put autonomous vehicle data on a blockchain

General Motors and BMW are considering the use of blockchain technology as part of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), CoinDesk writes. Both auto giants are interested in sharing data gathered by autonomous vehicles on a blockchain. According to BMW, car makers are keeping the data to themselves, which is posing as a “major barrier” in the adoption of self-driving cars.

MOBI is working on autonomous vehicle data markets which will share self-driving car data between the manufacturers. GM filed a patent for such a system in December.

“With the advent of blockchain, decentral[ized] data management can be implemented in a privacy-preserving and efficient way,” said Andre Luckow, BMW Group’s blockchain lead. “Further, emerging technologies, such as decentral machine learning, secure multi-party confidential computing, and decentral data markets, will provide the fabric for data processing in the autonomous age.”