Crypto wallet & Web 3 explorer available in Opera's new browser

Opera's latest web browser Reborn 3 (or Opera 60) launched yesterday —incorporating both Opera's cryptocurrency wallet and Web 3-support, the company announced in a statement

The Web 3 explorer reportedly allows users to access DApps through their browser, as well as other "emerging technologies. In order to access Web 3, users must simply enter the address of a Web 3 application into the Opera search bar, CNET writes.

Opera's crypto wallet will sync with Android devices, while the iOS version of the wallet is being tested publicly.

"With this major upgrade, we are taking the first step into Web 3, the new Web, where users are in control,”  said Krystian Kolondra, executive vice president and head of browsers at Opera. “We believe every browser in 2019 should be Web 3-ready." 

Reborn 3 has also got a free unlimited VPN and a built-in ad blocker.