Survey: 60% of Americans believe cryptocurrencies should be treated the same as fiat currencies in political campaigns

Clovr, a startup focused on promoting blockchain adoption, conducted a survey of over 1000 participants to gauge how Americans feel about crypto-based contributions to political campaigns.  The results from respondents are as follows:

  • 60% believe that cryptocurrencies should be treated under the same rules that apply to donations in U.S. dollars. Currently, cryptocurrency political donations are treated as "in-kind" contributions at a limit of $100.
  • 54% believe cryptocurrencies are secure enough to be used for political purposes.
  • 42% believe cryptocurrencies are financially stable enough to be used for political purposes.
  • ~25% indicated they would more likely to contribute to political campaigns if cryptocurrency donations were an option.
  • 60% believe cryptocurrencies in the political system would make foreign interference in elections more common.
  • 62% believe cryptocurrencies are more likely to be used illegally in the political system.

(Source: Clovr)