IEX Group launches financial data platform IEX Cloud

New York-based stock exchange IEX Group has announced the launch of financial data platform IEX Cloud. The new platform connects developers with financial data creators and offers them access to curated financial data, such as fundamentals, news, U.S. and international equities, and mutual funds.

“At IEX Group, we believe that enhancing the public’s understanding of and access to financial data makes the markets better and stronger,” said IEX Group Co-Founder and CEO Brad Katsuyama. “With IEX Cloud, we’re expanding to serve everyone from students and researchers to web developers and business leaders and empowering them to learn and innovate through affordable access to financial data, including IEX’s exchange market data, which will be redistributed free of charge.”

IEX Cloud is a separate business from the company’s stock exchange and has already been beta-tested. It has already attracted almost 10,000 users from 100 countries.