Bitcoin Cash ABC is nearly five times more valuable than Bitcoin Cash SV

Poloniex announced on Wednesday that starting from November 7, it will allow its customers to trade two pre-fork tokens prior to the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork - Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. Poloniex said that it “[wants] to empower the community to demonstrate their support through trading activity.” Poloniex was the first exchange to offer pre-fork Bitcoin Cash trading and it’s already underway so let’s look at the data.

The summary table looks like this:

The market is clearly estimating that Bitcoin Cash ABC is the more valuable fork with the price of $505. The price of Bitcoin Cash SV is currently $104, which is a mere 21% of Bitcoin Cash ABC's price. Yet, the less valuable Bitcoin Cash SV has three times higher volumes than Bitcoin Cash ABC. The price for Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV combined is $609, which is $16 higher than the price of Bitcoin Cash.

This small disparity is most likely caused by the smaller volumes of the pre-fork tokens. Volumes of Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV combined are only 10% of Bitcoin Cash's volumes. The Block will continue to track these developments to see how effective the market's prediction of the future value of the forks is. The hard fork will take place in a week on November 15.