Bitcoin dominance increasing

While every single top cryptocurrency has declined in price versus the US dollar during the summer of 2018, bitcoin has declined far less than most other coins. Bitcoin is down 7.3% over the past 90 days, while other top coins such as Ethereum (-62.8%) and Ripple (-53.7%) have declined much more severely. As a result, Bitcoin's "dominance", or share of total cryptocurrency market capitalization, has increased significantly throughout the summer of 2018. As one can see from the chart below, bitcoin's dominance has increased from 39% to 56% of total cryptocurrency market cap in the past 90 days. Meanwhile, Ethereum's dominance has dropped from 18% to 10% and Ripple's dominance has dropped from 7.6% to 5.5% during the same time period. This will be a key indicator to watch for the remainder of 2018 as investors, developers and operators make choices on where to focus in 2019 and beyond.