E-commerce giant Rakuten publicly launches crypto exchange; currently supports BTC, ETH and BCH

Japan's equivalent to Amazon, e-commerce giant Rakuten, has publicly launched its cryptocurrency exchange, Rakuten Wallet.

Announcing the news on Monday, the company said that users can start spot trading in three cryptocurrencies - bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and bitcoin cash (BCH) - via a mobile app. The app is currently available on Android platform, with an iOS version planned for "early September."

Rakuten further said that customers' assets will be held in "cold wallet" to ensure safety, private keys will be managed through a multi-signature scheme, and that two-step authentication is also enabled for logging in and withdrawing funds. It also keeps customers' funds separate from its own funds, per the announcement.

Rakuten Wallet initially began accepting registrations in April, from Rakuten Bank clients. Most recently, the exchange also partnered with blockchain security firm CipherTrace for anti-money laundering protections.