Brave browser rolls out ‘Metamask-like’ crypto wallets for ETH, Ethereum tokens

Blockchain-based internet browser Brave has soft-launched cryptocurrency wallets for ether (ETH), Ethereum tokens and collectibles, including its native coin Basic Attention Token (BAT).

“Crypto Wallets is a lot like Metamask,” but built into the browser, Brave said in a blog post on Tuesday. The company stressed that the new offering is currently for people who already have a working understanding of cryptocurrencies, specifically Ethereum.

This is because Brave hasn’t yet done “extensive testing” for launching the final version. Until then, the firm has advised users to stick to “small amounts and keep regular backups.”

Crypto Wallets is a client-side wallet, meaning users themselves will control all the keys. “Brave (the company) isn’t involved in your transactions. We don’t know what you’re doing, and we have no control over it,” it said.

Users can manage their keys in a software wallet in Brave, or connect a physical hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor. The new offering is currently available in Dev and Nightly versions of the browsers.

Looking ahead, Brave said it would add Uphold support to Crypto Wallets, allowing users to directly transfer cryptocurrencies between their verified Uphold account, Brave Rewards, and Crypto Wallets. Brave also looks to integrate Crypto Wallets with Brave Rewards in the future, as an alternative to Uphold’s custodial wallet. Brave Rewards pays content creators, users and advertisers in BAT tokens.