CoinDesk: Civil is failing to pay its journalists

Civil, a blockchain marketplace for journalism, has yet to compensate their journalists, according to CoinDesk. According to current and former employees of newsrooms sponsored by Civil, the blockchain startup told writers they would be issued Civil's native token, CVL, as part of their pay for publishing their work on the platform. However, after the cancellation of its ICO due to low demand, Civil has not informed its journalists on the status of their CVL payments. "Civil can talk all it wants about creating a new future for media, but the reality is it’s being built by putting journalists into debt," said Jay Cassano, a former employee of Civil news outlet Sludge. Cassano added the undelivered tokens made up close to 70% of his salary for five months. Civil's CEO, Matt Iles, disputed these claims. "We didn’t promise anyone tokens would be worth any specific amount. Anytime we discussed potential token value with newsrooms, we made it clear we were making estimates and that there was risk involved," Iles told CoinDesk. (Source: CoinDesk)