No playing around: Your Asus graphics card can now mine crypto when you're not gaming

Asus, the Taiwan-based computer and graphics-card giant, announced today a new way to potentially make money from your gaming computer. Using spare power from an installed graphics card, Asus and startup Quantumcloud will now make it easier for users to mine cryptocurrency when they aren't busy playing Fortnite. Quantumcloud described a scenario where one can make around $10 per month as the system works in the background. Expensive graphics card have long been a favorite of gamers and -- in recent years -- a key tool in crypto mining as their graphics processing units (GPUs) are often a good match for the computations required. With prices upwards of $400 for cards based on state-of-the-art GPUs, $10 might not seem like much. But given that most gamers were earning zero, this offering could have broad appeal. (Source: Asus, Quantumcloud)