P2P Foundation account previously associated with Satoshi Nakamoto makes a new post after four years of being inactive

An account once associated with Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto posted a cryptic message on P2P Foundation, a platform dedicated to advocacy and research of peer-to-peer solutions. The account is tied to Nakamoto's old email address, [email protected], the same email address attached to the, now famous, Bitcoin whitepaper. As different media outlets previously reported[email protected] was compromised in 2014, so it is doubtful the person(s) behind the new post is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

There have been many instances of people claiming to be Nakamoto. The most infamous one was in 2016. Craig Wright, now Chief Scientist at nChain, claimed to be the author behind the Bitcoin white paper and the creator of Bitcoin. Mr. Wright was never able to provide public proof to his claims. More recently, a Twitter account with the handle @satoshi attempted to prove it was associated with Nakamoto, by providing what appeared to be a signature signed by Nakamoto's private keys. Members of the Bitcoin community quickly debunked this attempt.